Hamilton Health Innovation Week 2017 • April 24th – 30th

Hamilton, Ontario — Join health innovators as they turn inspiration into innovation!

Inspiration can come at any moment and in many forms. Transforming inspiration into innovation requires more than perspiration – great ideas need to be nurtured and tested, challenged and celebrated.

Hamilton Health Innovation Week (HHIW) 2017 is a showcase for innovators and practitioners pushing the boundaries of health innovation. HHIW serves as an opportunity to learn how practitioners can, and are, turning great ideas into practical real-world solutions that improve patient health, simplify care delivery, and bend the cost curve.

From April 24th through April 30th, 2017, Hamilton will be hosting healthcare innovators to explore the challenges and opportunities in bringing innovation out of the lab and into practice. HHIW will bring together entrepreneurs, start-ups, researchers and practitioners from public and private organizations to discuss how innovation is impacting healthcare today, and how it will transform the healthcare sector of tomorrow.

Together we can turn inspiration into innovation, make our healthcare system stronger and our communities healthier!

About Hamilton Health Innovation Week

Hamilton is home to a thriving and dynamic life sciences ecosystem. from world class research hospitals to cutting edge digital health IT firms. Together, the Hamilton life sciences cluster employs over 35,000 people, more than 5,000 scientists and researchers, and is investing $450 million in innovative research each year.

“Hamilton is among the top cities in Canada for health research innovation. When you combine that with the entrepreneurial spirit of our city, the possibilities are endless!” – Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger

Hamilton Health Innovation Week (HHIW) 2017 serves as a showcase for world-class health innovation happening in Hamilton and from across the country. It brings together hundreds of public and private sector practitioners around a common vision: to turn inspiration into innovation that can be used by our healthcare sector to improve patient outcomes.

The brainchild of Mohawk College, HHIW 2017 will bring together startups, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, private and public partners to create new networks, explore new ideas, and raise the profile of cutting-edge innovation. Throughout the week, practitioners will be challenged to confront real-world problems facing the healthcare industry, and work collaboratively to explore and develop real-world solutions using technology, research and innovative insights from a cross-section of disciplines.

Hamilton Health Innovation Week 2017 is taking place from April 24th – 30th


Hamilton Health Innovation Week 2017 will include a diverse set of events and programs which will bring together innovators and practitioners, and showcase the City’s creative, technical and entrepreneurial spirit:

April 24

April 26

  • FHIR North 2017

    FHIR North will come together this April at Mohawk College in Hamiltonto develop and test innovative applications using the HL7® FHIR standards framework

April 27

  • Apps for Health 2017

    Apps for Health is an annual digital health conference hosted by Mohawk College's Technology Access Centre in Digital Health at MEDIC
    Keynote Address: The Honourable Jane Philpott, Canadian Minister of Health
    Keynote: Nathalie Le Prohon, Vice President, Healthcare Industry with IBM Canada

  • CCHL Study Tour

    CCHL is running a full-day tour aligned with the Apps for Health conference, gain insights about working on the frontlines of digital transformation in healthcare, including case studies on how Ontario's second largest hospital network is executing its digital strategy.

  • The Art of Building a Hardware Company: The Basics, Strategies, and Pitfalls with Charles Mire, CEO of Structur3D Printing

    An interactive workshop with the CEO of Structur3D Printing, the world's leader in solid paste printing, designed to intimately discuss all the details of building a hardware-focused startup, pitfalls to avoid, strategies to pursue, how to assess the growth metrics, and much more.

April 28

April 29

April 30



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